According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alexandre Erwin Ittner is "Human; An imperfect, biped, carbon-based being evolved from the apes, who lives in a utterly insignificant little blue planet in a poor and underdeveloped region of the Milky-way." Ok, being serious: He is a Bachelor in Computer Science and Master of Electrical Engineering who develops Linux systems for a British company and uses this page to publish his personal projects. Sometimes, he also likes writing in the third person.

This page feels a bit old in these times of Web 2.0, blogs, photoblogs, videoblogs, holodeck-based-fully-immersive-blogs (ok, not yet), and the last week's social network, but don't panic! — you aren't timelocked in 1998. It's all by design. I am a very minimalistic person who likes the old-school mindset of the Web as a library, not as television.

Latest projects, essays, and other stuff


Don't lose your time trying to find me on Facebook or on other hyped social networks. Really. If you searched for my full name, it almost certainly fell back to a web search with this page in the first results. Just send me an email.

Email: my-first-name at ittner dot com dot br (note that my first name is "Alexandre")
PGP/GnuPG public key: 0x48CF13A4BE42B8BD (key fingerprint: 6DBE 6806 265A C517 7956 7293 48CF 13A4 BE42 B8BD).

My old PGP key was 0x0041A1FB, a 1024/2048b DSA/Elgamal which was replaced by the new one in June 2017 and definitely retired in June 2018.

Please check the fingerprint before using the key! You may get or publish signatures for this key in the MIT PGP keyserver.

My amateur radio callsign is PP5ITT. I am not very active on voice, but you may find some of my activity on digital and experimental stuff.

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